Welcome to Judes Bitcoin Rotator

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We designed this faucet rotator to encompass many multicoin faucets, since our personal experience and that of others have shown its time consuming going from page to page.

Of course you can always skip to the next faucet if you do not care for specific ones. Its your choice, we won't judge :)

What is Bitcoin

  • There is enough documentation out there that you can google and youtube videos abound with explanations.
  • Basically its a digital currency invented by Sakoshi Nakamoto that aims to tear down barriers set by the current financial and banking entities the world over.
  • It allows for anonymity, transaction speed, reduced fees for sending and receiving money worldwide.
  • As demand grows for digital currencies into the future, their prices will only skyrocket.
  • Why wait, when you can invest in your future today.


Microwallets are an important aspect when claiming bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. They are intended not as a permanent store house but rather a temporary depot before the final destination. Your personal wallet.


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Coinpot has one of the most desired features, currency conversion with ZERO FEES

Faucethub is currently the largest and most popular online microwallet.

Xapo supports instant payments and use to be the industry standard until the introduction of high fees. This lead to a migration towards faucethub.

Coinpot Faucets

Below is a list of registration links for each of the faucets described above.

If you have yet to join one just click below.